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Westport Watershed Alliance

Westport Watershed Alliance

I had a great opportunity to work with the Westport River Watershed Alliance to provide an overview of their organization, the regions history, and explore the rivers from new heights!


Deborah Weaver

Director of the Westport Watershed Alliance

"Working with Alex Haggert was the culmination of our dream to have a drone view of the watershed, to show the vast area of our estuary. Alex was an amazingly intuitive and creative partner, intrepid in exploring and showcasing the diversity of the environment. We elicited some very poignant testimonies from our interviewees, and his filming and editing was brilliant."

The Legacy Continues

The Legacy Continues

The Rodrigues name is well known, and respected, all over the karate world. With such a rich and deep history, it was an honor meeting these tremendous athletes and document their family history.


Christine Bannon-Rodrigues

10th Degree Black Belt, Actress, Stunt Person, and Choreographer

Co-Owner of the Don Rodrigues Karate Academy & CBR Kickboxing

“In this new age, it's hard to be a successful business if you don't have a strong online presence. Alex Haggert has given us that edge with his professional videography. His final product is delivered on time with a professional appearance that catches the eye on all our social media platforms. Alex is very professional and great to work with!  I highly recommend him!”

Born to Rise™ Women's Story Festival

Born to Rise™
Women's Story Festival


Through hearing others stories we can find reflection in our own, help others bring clarity to theirs, and grow as a whole. Community is important to supporting each other through our own self reflection and development.


Kimberly Fuller

Author of “Finding”

Tedx Speaker, Photographer, Teacher and Coach

“Alex did an extraordinary job creating a short video of our Born to Rise™ Women’s Story Festival. He unobtrusively captured people enjoying themselves, interacting and responding to the storytellers. You could really feel the positive energy of the event. Alex is very responsive, easy to work with and really knows how to tell a story.  Highly recommend for your next project.”

Greg and Julia's Proposal

Greg and Julia's Proposal

In life, we have those specical moments that are so near to the heart, that even those who bear witness have memories. I had the honor of capturing this beautiful video at Bowens Wharf in Newport, RI. Greg really made this occasion very special for his fiancé! Looking back on this experience, I am grateful to be able to share this moment. I have to admit I was nervous doing one continuous shot throughout, but wow! I added transitions to the signs to help tell the story through the eyes of Julia herself. 

Drone Project Reel

Drone Project Reel

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have become more common in the last couple years, and the possibilities have reached new heights. Unique videography and photography opportunities have shown us the world like never before. At AC Production, we are certified by the FAA to fly drones under the small UAS Rule (Part 107), providing clients with the ease mind; knowing that the rules and regulations of safe flight are being followed during every flight.

Digital Conversion
VHS to Digital.png

Instagram @acpro_visionary

Instagram Profile

My goal with Digital Media is to transform life into a visual art, that captivates and tells stories!


Every piece of audio and video has a purpose. That purpose may vary from corporate to live events, but my experience has taught me to think outside the box. I aim to uphold integrity, grit, and transparency when working with clients, and teammates, to ensure that the client’s best interests are at heart with every production.

Learning is a lifelong passion of mine, as I strive to continuously teach myself new skills to perfect my own passion.


Alex Haggert

Videographer, Photographer, Editor, and FAA Drone Pilot (Part 107)
Location: East Greenwich, RI USA

Tel: (401) 714-7316
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